This is a color coordinated game, where on the screen reflects a group of bubbles, arrange by fours according to its color. You start with at level one, where there are five rows of bubbles to play with. The bubbles are of colors blue, green, red and white. The player then has to shoot one bubble from the bottom of the screen, targeting a bubble above the screen that matches the color of the bubble that is used by the player.

Scoring is quite tricky. The player must group together at least three bubbles that are of the same color in order to score. However, the player will have a randomly selected bubble to shoot. So matching the bubble that the player is given is often times different from the arrangement of bubbles above the screen. When the player is able to match all the bubbles and can clear all the bubbles on the screen, then he will move to the next level. Unfortunately, if the player will do otherwise, and the bubbles will build up and reaches the bottom of the screen then the player will lose the game.

As you move to another level, the arrangement of the bubble will change there are new colors that will be added as you move along. But the tricky part is that the rows of bubbles will increase, therefore covering a larger section of the screen, making it more difficult for the player to operate, Thus increasing the difficulty of the game, to make more challenging for the player. Still, the same gameplay is used, matching this color to that, but the trick here is that you must be able to get more scores.

You can increase your score by using two methods. First is, the player should hit a large group of bubble that are of the same color, a group of five bubbles is a good one. The next one is building up a group of bubbles that are not of the same color, but rest at the bottom of a group of bubbles with the same color. As the player hits the bubbles of the same color, he will be able to eliminate also all the bubbles that are under it no matter what color they belong.

As the player gets more comfortable with the game, he will then be able to be more fast and accurate with his targeting skills. This will allow the player to quickly move up to higher levels of the game. Each level offers a new challenge to the game, so the player must be able to get over those challenges to reach the next level.