Compared to the last decade, kids today are more oriented with gadgets and gizmos rather than exposing themselves under the sun, running around with friends and getting soaked in the rain like back in the days. Kids today prefer more the convenience of playing their tablets and computers for their enjoyment which is very likely not to help them a lot as they grow to be individuals one day. Encouraging them to play outside with other kids will teach them interactive play, physical activity which develops agility and stamina which is great for their health. But none of these kids are willing to get out under the sun instead they just want to sit in the house playing video games.


If that’s the case, parents should be able to safeguard their children with current games that are within their grasp. Regulating the games that kids play with their gadgets or phones would be one of their priorities. If there’s no way to put the kids outside to play, there no other resort for the parents than to allow their kids to play their gadgets and with all the free online game apps available on different platforms, kids will have  the biggest playground in the world can ever offer.

Parents are admonished to take the lead in these kinds of situations. They should be the one to select the games that their kids should be playing in their tablets. Games like Bubble Sharp Shooter is one choice a parent should look into. This game is not violent, no blood and gore element that might damage the kids’ way of thinking. Instead, Bubble Sharp Shooter features a colorful display of colors. It encourages critical thinking and improves hand to eye coordination which are essential for the kid’s intellectual development.

So if playing outside is not possible for our and most games available on their tablet or gadget might have some ill effects to the mind of the kids. The parents should step into the scene and guide their kids on what games to play. Selecting the games their kids play will put the parents at ease and give them the confidence that their kids are learning something by playing the games that are available to them through their gadgets.