The virtual gaming today has taken a huge step in terms of how the game is presented visually. The technologies that have been developed to improve the visual effects of these games are a breakthrough and setting standards for the games to come. These are great for the gamers out there and certainly will ever change the way video games are played.


But putting all that improvement aside with regards to gaming, wouldn’t you agree that the video games that were not that graphically reinforced is till cool? Yup, many others would say that they do prefer those games that are not heavily equipped with the latest gaming systems and programs. Those games that just let us kill the time but giving us enough enjoyment with less radiation exposure.

Putting all the technology together to create a marvelous game is truly appreciated, however, having such advance gaming systems and genres are making most of us lazy and less productive. The amazing about simple games like Bubble Sharp Shooter, is that it will only give you and enjoyment for a short time due to its routine game play but not compromising the enjoyment that it gives. It also gives the player the challenge to finish each level of the game and this is due to its simple gaming design.

Please don’t get it wrong, all of the games now are amazing and great with the realistic presentation, like the 3D environment and all that stuff that goes into it. The players of these games say that they are having a great time with it. Players get hooked on these games and in turn make them unproductive in the long run. Life is not just about gaming and these games are developed for our enjoyment and not for our own dismay. Playing simple games allows you to enjoy and relax a bit, which we desperately need.

Being addicted to the games that we have now in the market is not helping us at all. Having another alternative to enjoy virtual gaming without risking ourselves to be addicted to such games is an advantage for us for these games keeps us grounded in the reality and not getting us trapped in what they called the virtual world which seems to be full of fantasy rather than reality.