The brain has many functions, aside from regulating our body’s temperature and our sense of thirst. The brain also does a lot of things. Stimulating our brain properly will definitely improve the way we think and they way we deal with everyday situations. According to science, we only have scratched the surface of what our brain can do. May be they are right; other people are able to think differently this is due to how they used their brain and the patterns of how they think.


Do you believe that that playing video games enhances our brain power? Yes, it is true. Some video games are designed to engage the human brain in situations that can only be simulated in the virtual world. And these circumstances create or develop a new set of skills which is very significant in the molding of the human character into a better version of him.

Bubble Sharp Shooter is a game that has been developed to enhance the brains critical thinking and problem solving skills. A very simple video game that requires a little amount of time and good reflexes, both for the eye and the hands to be able to score a point and move into the next level. Games like these are truly beneficial for anyone that is willing to develop the total capacity of their brains and potentially gain some more.

Unfortunately, there is a game out there that brings out the worst in us and it does greatly affect how we think and act at the same time. Games that are based on military offense are quite disturbing for developers of these games presents a more realistic representation of how a war would look like. Games like these are exposing the conspiracy that does not really exist within the bounds of reality. The point is that these games are fueling the mind with the wrong information or the bad ideas that shouldn’t be encouraged for anyone to ponder upon.

So instead of playing those types of games, why not lessen down the aggression and be contented on playing simple and innocent games like a bubble sharp shooter to develop some skills and stimulate your mind in the right way.